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Donors nominate + vote for charities
Winner takes all each month!
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Charitocracy was born from a simple dream:

That we could solve real problems in the world if everyone simply chipped in a dollar.

Donors throw $1 in the pot each month.

It gets billed annually to keep credit card costs down. An extra month's worth (bringing the total to $13/year) helps cover Charitocracy's costs, but any leftover goes right back in the pot.

Donors vote on which charitable cause wins the pot each month.

You can donate more than $1 per month, but it's always just 1 vote per donor. A bigger donation has a bigger impact, but not a louder voice!

You may nominate your favorite 501(c)(3) cause.

Nominations are open during the first week of each month. If you nominate a cause it will receive your full vote that month, or you can simply vote for causes nominated by other donors.

Revote whenever!

You can split your 1 vote between up to 5 causes. (You have an unlimited supply of Likes, too!) After week 2 each month, we narrow to the Top 10, and after week 3, to the Top 3. A winner is selected on the last night of the month.

Charitocracy: where charity meets democracy...

... and rhymes with meritocracy, because that's really what this is, a meritocracy of ideas about charitable giving.

Be as involved as you want... or not at all.

Nominate causes, hype your favorites in our discussion forum, vote and revote often. Or sit back, relax, and simply consider us your crowd-curated charity-of-the-month club!

Our mission:

To engage, educate, and empower philanthropists, even at a small scale, to give more regularly and meaningfully.

Join us!

It takes longer to read all this than to sign up. Charitocracy is itself a 501(c)(3) charity, so donations are tax deductible. How better to spend $13?!

Check our FAQ for even more info.