Giving Tuesday: Go Team Go!

Giving Tuesday

At 3am on Giving Tuesday, I completed the new invitation system. Hours ahead of schedule! Look for the Invite link in the menu when you're logged in at Charitocracy. You simply enter a friend's email address, customize the message if you like, then click send! When your friends sign up -- which if they're as smart and kind and attractive as you they surely will --they'll automatically become branches in your Giving Tree!

Since Thanksgiving we've had days for shopping in chain stores, for shopping in local stores, and for shopping online. Today is the day to give. Here are 3 concrete ways you can do that at Charitocracy!

  1. Sign up if you haven't yet, as little as $13/year! But if you have, then consider sweetening the pot with a one-time donation of any amount, or upgrade your monthly donation.
  2. Invite 5 friends. (That number is arbitrary. Go for 10!) How big can you make your Giving Tree grow on Giving Tuesday? Customize the message a bit so your friends will feel you, not just hear you.
  3. Share this blog post! Whether you're on Facebook or Twitter or some social medium that's all the rave with the kids, get the word out about Charitocracy! It's pretty cool, right? Tell people about it!

I've been sacrificing a lot of sleep to get these latest features done: friendships, activity logs, privacy settings, and now invitations. But that's not the end of it! There's one more I hope to get done next month, and it's... bigly. More on that next time. But right now we need to focus on getting as many new Charitocracy donors signed up today, and just in time for the November pot to be awarded!

And if you receive an invitation, don't be the dude who ignores it

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  1. I just sent out 5 invitations to join Charitocracy. Keep up the great work you are doing, Benj!

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