“Keep Your Normal Job”

Benj, I bet you are definitely among the top 100 nonprofit coders... depending on the nonprofit

Jessica, her brother, and I rewatched the first episode of Flight of the Conchords earlier this week. The first song is a serenade to a party guest, the "most beautiful girl in the... room (the whole wide room)." It includes these lyrics:

You're so beautiful
You could be a part-time model
But you'd probably still have to keep your normal job

Exactly. I consider myself good enough to be a part-time Charitocrat, but I'd be crazy to quit my day job.

However, after a winter and spring of overdoing it, working crazy (even for me) hours, burning out, and then collecting my thoughts for a few weeks, I made the decision to officially become a part-time model volunteer coder for Charitocracy. My day job now has time boundaries, and I think those boundaries will help me do great work at both places, and just be a more balanced and dare I say fun person for everyone else in my life.

What this means for Charitocracy is that I'll have at least one day each week to devote myself 100% to it. Also, my nights and weekends now have a better chance of seeing some Charitocracy progress, too.

Transitioning from the "Year of Benj" (full-time Charitocracy) back to real life was like hitting a brick wall at 100 MPH. Now I've pulled some bits from the wreckage and am capable of at least puttering along at a steady 20 MPH. Slow and steady wins?

Don't look now, but Benj is back!

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