“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.”

Some day, and that day may be real soon, I'll call upon you to renew at Charitocracy.

The day has come.

Reminder emails will start going out at least 1 week in advance of each automatic recurring annual donation. So if you signed up on September 1st 2016, the first day we opened the site to the public, then you can expect a reminder email this coming Friday at the latest. Others will follow throughout the year depending on when you signed up.

Emails will tell you how to cancel your recurring annual donation, but will also encourage you to increase your donation instead. Taking no action simply means the same amount will be donated on your Charitocracy anniversary. And there's no need to wait for that email to perform either task. You can cancel or increase your annual donation any time, right from My Account in the Charitocracy menu. You can also update your credit card information if anything's changed, like a lost or expired card, so the automatic donation will go through without a hitch.

Here's where you can update your credit card, change your annual donation amount, or cancel future donations

I'm hoping our renewal rate is high, and that donation increases will offset any donors we lose along the way. But I'll also be focusing on growth during our 2nd operating year. I have lots of ideas for this, and welcome any additional ideas you may have. Let's get that monthly pot over $1500!

I'm going to make Charitocracy a donation they can't refuse.

Who hates logging into Charitocracy? Me.

Remember Me Forever

The biggest pain point for donors at Charitocracy is having to log in. I get it. I'm a donor, too, and I have to log in all the time. If you can even remember your password, it's still an annoying stop along the way every time you want to vote or read about a new nominee. Annoying enough that you may have stopped bothering to even try. I don't blame you one bit.

Starting today, if you check the Remember Me button while logging in, Charitocracy will remember you forever. That is unless you explicitly log out, switch to a new web browser, a new computer or device, delete your cookies, etc. Everywhere you log in, though, it will remember you forever if you simply check the Remember Me button. I highly recommend it! (But I don't recommend it on public computers, such as those at schools, hotels, and libraries. You should log out of Charitocracy when you're done on those shared systems.)

Go ahead, try it now!

"That would be fantastic," you say, "except I forgot my password months ago, so I can't even log in the first time for it to remember me forever."

Fear not! Resetting your password is super easy. A failed login will provide you this reset link. Then check your email inbox (and if that fails, check your spam folder). And failing that, do not hesitate for a moment to email me and I'll personally help get you back online!

A related tip for those of you using Macs, iPhones, and iPads: iCloud Keychain is an easy way to share passwords across all your devices. Turn it on in your iCloud settings, and then after you log into a site like Charitocracy on one of your Apple products using the Safari browser, in future it will offer to fill in your password on that product as well as others using the same iCloud account. I bet Google has something like that for Chrome browsers, too, not to mention 3rd-party apps and services that serve a similar purpose.

That cross-device password storage combined with the Remember Me checkbox should mean never having to remember your Charitocracy password, and almost never having to log into Charitocracy ever again. No one will benefit from that more than I will!

"See, I just logged back into Charitocracy without a password." "You can do that?!"

Congrats to July winner, the ACLU!

Charitocracy's 11th check: to the ACLU for $1231

We voted in our eleventh winner last week! Congratulations to the ACLU, and to donor TdotWING for nominating it! You have these next 7 days to sweeten the pot with a special one-time donation of any amount, which we'll add straight to the check we write to ACLU next week.

Watch these two most recent short ACLU videos illustrating just two of the many ways the ACLU fights to protect the rights of all Americans, and feel good about your part in our collective $1231+ grant!

Have a great August, and log into Charitocracy to update your votes or nominate a new cause!