The Perfect Last Minute Gift

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Felicity was a good sport, helping me throw a last minute video together for our last minute gifts! Plan A was to do a Home Alone themed video with Harry, but when that diva bailed on me, Felicity was quick to volunteer in his place. But she wouldn't accept the fact that it could no longer be a Home Alone video. (Only Harry can rock a bathrobe like that.) "Nevertheless, she persisted..." Hence her choice of sweater and hair, which now she regrets. So be it. Can't argue with volunteer talent!

If you need any last minute gifts (in convenient multiple-of-$13 denominations), cute stocking stuffers, or just want to spread Charitocracy to the masses, be our guest! Email with gift codes and PDF foldable gift boxes are sent instantly. Then you choose whether to forward the email to that special someone, or better yet hand deliver it with a kiss! I am Charitocracy. You are Charitocracy. We are all Charitocracy. And the more of us the merrier!

Over the last few days we've been experimenting some more with Facebook ads. I have to be honest, it's not going well. We still have plenty of matching funds on hand, earmarked for growing our donor base. Incentivizing likes, donation increases, and sign-ups by throwing extra $ in the pot is win-win. We get more activity, and the money goes to the causes. Not so much with the ads: they're generating pitifully little activity and all the money goes to Facebook. We'll keep trying, but I'm more and more convinced that the organic approach (meaning: you and your friends and family) is going to be the most cost-effective. And that doesn't necessarily mean slower growth, either, based on our poor ad results to date.

I have more organic growth ideas. Don't take my growth rate disappointment to be any kind of resignation. It's a challenge, and I rise to those! I just need to crack the code of incentivizing the spread of Charitocracy like wildfire. Sorry, probably a bad choice of analogy these days. Better than spreading Charitocracy like a disease, right? There must be some positive way to spread something... Okay: I need to incentivize the spread of Charitocracy like peanut butter. Or frosting. Like peanut butter frosting. Done. But not if you're allergic to peanuts, in which case I recommend almond butter.

Go forth last minute and spread Charitocracy

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