June 2018 winner Together We Rise

Charitocracy's 22nd check to June winner Together We Rise for $1237

We have good news about June winner Together We Rise, right after this quick update...

First, where in the world is Benj?!

Hopefully you noticed the “Back Soon!” message posted across Charitocracy’s social media. I’m not due to return from Brazil until the 15th. But I don’t want to put the 3 newly nominated causes (yay!) at any disadvantage. I’ll try everything to blog about them prior to July’s Top 10 selection. So I’ve climbed to the top of an observation tower, rising up above the rainforest canopy. Here I’ve found a somewhat reliable cell signal emanating from nearby village Novo Airão on the Rio Negro tributary to the Amazon river. This should work!

No usual Charitocracy check image yet, since that requires my MacBook back home. But hopefully the rainforest/river placeholder will suffice in the meantime! It might sound cliché. But this vacation has been a great opportunity for me to reflect on what truly matters. [Amazon photo now pushed down here since I've replaced it with the intended check image!]


June 2018 winner Together We Rise

10 days ago we voted in Charitocracy's 22nd monthly winner. Congratulations to Together We Rise! You can find their web site here. Also congrats to donor SuZQ, whose personal testimony helped this cause rise quickly to #1.

Every day, 1200 kids enter foster care in the United States. We are a non-profit that changes the way they experience the system.

Together We Rise is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization comprised of motivated young adults and former foster youth. Our vision is to improve the lives of foster children in America, who often find themselves forgotten and neglected by the public. We collaborate with community partners to bring resources to foster youth and use service-learning activities to educate volunteers on issues surrounding the foster care system.

TWR works with hundreds of foster agencies, social workers, CASA advocates, and other partners to bring our programs to foster youth across the nation. Our foundation has allowed us to provide thousands of foster youth across the country with new bicycles, college supplies, and suitcases so that children do not have to travel from home to home with their belongings in a trash bag.

Check out this video about Together We Rise, and feel good about your part in our collective $1237 grant to help with their work!

Have a great July and log into Charitocracy to update your votes or nominate a new cause!