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For over four years, Charitocracy has accepted new 501(c)(3) nonprofit nominations during the first week of each month. Only the first week. If you came up with a brilliant idea for a new nominee on the 8th or the 28th, you were out of luck. After week 1, the Nominate page at Charitocracy would simply tell you to come back next month. "Set yourself a reminder to come back."

This experience has been borderline donor-hostile, based on the number of complaints I've received from friends. I can only imagine how strangers may have reacted. For those who have been silently seething since 2016, I apologize! It's never been the biggest fish for me to fry, since we've been flush with great nominees since our first week online. But that's not the case for Charitocracy OBX, where we don't yet have enough nominees to form a full Top 10. So I've finally addressed this limitation to encourage more nominations.

Nominate whenever

Now when you visit the Nominate page after the first week of the month, you'll no longer be told to come back next month. As long as you're logged in as a donor, and you haven't already cast your vote elsewhere, you're good to go. (You can easily cancel any previous vote by hitting the ❌ button next to it on the Dashboard or Vote pages.) Now you can search for your favorite nonprofit, write a paragraph or two about why other donors should vote for your nominee, and then click Nominate!

Queued until next month

It's still important to give everyone a chance to learn about new nominees. Informed voting decisions are important! And we want all the new nominees for the month to have a fighting chance before we narrow down to the Top 10.

That's why we queue up nominations to post at the beginning of the next month. There's nothing for you to remember: your nomination will post automatically early next month, and your vote will automatically be cast for it 100%. Easy peasy. Try it out now! Or nominate whenever the mood hits you some day. We won't tell you to come back later.

still waiting for my nomination

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