April 2023 winner Doctors Without Borders

Charitocracy's 80th check to April winner Doctors Without Borders for $1300

We have good news about April winner Doctors Without Borders, right after this important update...

Charitocracy's Final Season: S8E4

In case you've missed my recent blog or social media posts, this is the fourth of Charitocracy's last 12 grants. We stopped taking new donations and cancelled all recurring donations in January. But we still have an exciting 2023 ahead because we'll be spending down our reserves. Each monthly pot will be bigger than the previous!

April 2023 winner Doctors Without Borders

Yesterday we named Charitocracy's 80th (!!) monthly winner. Congratulations to Doctors Without Borders, nominated by donor carolinatim. They care for people affected by conflict, disease outbreaks, and disasters in more than 70 countries. You can find their website here.

Now check out this CNN news report covering the obstacles Doctors Without Borders are currently experiencing treating the wounded, mostly civilians, in Khartoum. Then feel good about your part in our collective $1300 grant to support their difficult ongoing work in Sudan and around the world.

Have a great May, and be sure to log into Charitocracy to update your votes or nominate a new cause!