September 2016 winner The NEA Foundation

Charitocracy's 1st check to September winner The NEA Foundation for $500

We voted in our first winner this weekend!

Congratulations to winner The NEA Foundation, and to donor sherylwthorp for nominating it! You can find their web site here. Check out this short film about them, and feel good about your part in our collective $500 grant!

Nominations for October close on Friday night. Go ahead and familiarize yourself with the 21 nominated causes (15 from last month, 6 so far this month) and if one doesn't catch your imagination, consider nominating one yourself!

Finally, feel free to mention Charitocracy to your friends! Rumor has it there's a pitch video coming soon... all part of our cutting edge social media strategy here at Charitocracy. (Step #1 was "get rid of that rubbish /dashboard/ back door," and we totally nailed that one!)

I may be gone from your URL, but Charitocracy's dashboard still has a time and a place: inside