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Comment On: Homes of Hope India



Just an update on Homes of Hope in India. Our friends from North Carolina are visiting Kerala, India, to support the girls orphanages that HOH has opened and support there. They brought with them several suitcases packed with basic medical supplies that were donated by friends here. At the top of the list were chew-able multi-vitamins and they tell me that this is often the only “nutrition” some of the girls get in a day, other than a bowl of rice.  Many of the girls come to the Homes of Hope in India are orphaned, abandoned and neglected, trapped in the sex trade and the “beggar mafia”.  A new and challenging chapter opens for us and Homes of Hope as we build and furnish an orphanage specifically for HIV/AIDS orphans, already there are 32 children afflicted or infected with HIV/AIDS who are now in temporary/inadequate shelters.  We are in the “life changing” business, so please join us and become a part of the Homes of Hope family and please support our efforts here in Charitocracy and I challenge you to learn more about the HOH.

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