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Comment On: Feline Hope



Friends and Family – I am asking for a little bit of help with my charity so my Charity will take home the win tonight. Feline Hope is my nominated Charity and we keep coming in second since October.
I have volunteered with Feline Home, Adopted Kittens from Feline Hope and even Fostered Kittens from Feline Hope.
I know this is not a charity that pulls at the heartstrings of people unless you are a huge cat fan like me, but they do a great deal of work for our community here in the Outer Banks by helping all of our feral cats, rescuing and caring for all the cats in the community all the way to the Virginia line and so much more!!
I was hoping we can push them to the top to win tonight and then we can go on to lots of other amazing charities that one of you can nominate.
If you don’t know what this is – go read about it! Charitocracy is so amazing! My friends started this amazing non-profit where we as a group nominate and vote what deserving charity gets our vote each month. You can donate for as low as $13 a year and your vote counts all year.
Please let me know if you have any questions and please take a moment to sign up and vote today. My kittens will thank you, I will thank you, Feline Hope will thank you and most of all Charitocracy will thank you so they can stop talking about me at board meetings 🙂
Much Love,


PS – Your Vote for Feline Hope has to go in tonight by 11:59 tonight for them to win — know a kitty lover in your life, feel free to share this with them!
Thank you!!!!!

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