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Comment On: Preston’s March For Energy



Picking a cause is difficult – they are all worthy of support. If I may, please consider voting for Preston’s March for Energy this month.

This foundation provides adaptive bikes to children (aged 6 to 21) nationwide. They promote inclusion, educate the community regarding the importance of physical fitness in the special needs population.

Throughout the years Preston attended physical education in public elementary school and has not been able to actually participate on his own. He may turn a rope for someone to jump and throw a ball but that was the extent of it. In 2011, Preston was blessed to have an adapted bike donated to him through a private fundraiser. (It cost $2,200!)  It was life changing. 

When a child applies for a bike, this foundation reaches out to their physical and occupational therapists, and work closely with them to ensure the bike is adapted properly.

It’s a lot of work, and they need your help to reach more children.

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