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Comment On: Rapha International



Please consider voting for Rapha International.  Human Trafficking is modern day slavery.  How do children get caught up in this?  From the Rapha International website:

Each trafficking victim has a unique story. Nevertheless, many stories contain common themes. Three of the most common themes are those of poverty, ignorance and greed.

Sometimes an individual is trafficked because their family is extremely poor. Desperate people make desperate choices. Unfortunately, some of these desperate choices result in children being trafficked.

Trafficking recruiters often visit villages and approach unwary parents with glowing stories and promises of a better life. They spin tales of incredible job prospects such as rich patrons in need of young nannies in distant cities. Unfortunately, many parents are uneducated about the possibility of human trafficking. Therefore, they put their mark on the dotted line and accept the “earnest” money offered as down payment. They unknowingly surrender their children to the traffickers – sometimes never to see or hear from them again.

Some have concluded that the lives of their children are only worth the commerce to be made from them. Traffickers are blinded by greed, and this is often the driving force behind their decision to perpetrate this evil.

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