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Comment On: Feeding America



Hi, thanks for your thoughts!

Actually, I didn’t nominate either of those charities, I only saw that they were close to winning the vote this month and so wanted to encourage people to get either one into the winning slot.  I went with Color of Change only because it was in the lead.

If I was nominating, I’d usually look to see how effectively the charity is spending its money verses the impact it is making.  The ones I’ve nominated in the past have mostly stood for reproductive rights (i.e. Planned Parenthood) and I specifically nominated the charitable arms responsible for lobbying to government.  I guess I’m looking for effective change-makers when I nominate – not just passion for the cause.

I admit I don’t know much about the BLM charities on the list this month and I probably just would have nominated the obvious (i.e. BLM), but I felt we/I needed to act quickly this time and so didn’t dig deep like I normally would.  But I do think they’re both doing very important work.

Feeding America truly does look like a brilliant charity and I’m glad they’re on the list, so many lower-income families are struggling to make ends meet as this pandemic continues.  Along with ensuring there is food on the table, we also need to ensure everyone’s rights are intact.

Thanks again for responding to my message – it’s valuable having a dialogue with a fellow micro-philanthropist!

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