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Comment On: Feeding America



Hi Zardoz and Bethany,

Grateful that people in this community care so much about taking care of others’ basic needs, especially during Covid, and working for justice for Black American–both locally and across the country! As a public school educator in Oregon, I see the impact of both Covid and anti-Black racism on the students and families I serve.

Even though I deeply value the work of Feeding America, I nominated the Movement for Black Lives (M4BL) as I know money matters right now in the long-term fight for justice for Black Lives. I chose it based on the support it provides for a dynamic coalition of organizations that have demonstrated long-term staying power in many different venues. However, I too put all of my votes into Color of Change this month, a group I have financially supported for years. The leaders of Color of Change have persisted despite so many barriers and have had real success across the board.

Like Bethany, I hope we can support Color of Change this month, M4BL next month, and then Feeding America as we move into the fall as Covid will most likely impact even more folks.

Thanks for considering!

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