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Comment On: Feeding America


Nancy P

I like that local Outer Banks Nonprofits are nominated and people join the group to support them. Earlier this summer I switched my vote to Feed America to local organizations on  Black Lives Matter because there was an immediate need.  A few of us pledged our own personal commitment to Feeding America on the next round.

Hunger is now a real fear for many who did not need the Food Bank before this health crisis. Feeding America and the Albemarle Food Bank need our help now more than ever to support this increasing daily need. For every $10 donation, the Food Bank can provide approximately 40 meals.  Our contribution will help the Food Bank to prepare emergency-food boxes to ease the burden of families that no longer have access to meals through schools, senior nutrition programs, and no work and lost wages. Affiliated partners with the Feeding America include the Beach Food Pantry, Lower Currituck Food Pantry, meals for senior citizens and breakfasts and lunches for children.

I think it is great that more local people are involved and we support local interests.  To me, Hunger is a broader issue we should all support.  Room in the Inn and Food for Thought are great local nonprofits with support from many churches, volunteers, and a history of helping others in need. Covid has complicated most human services across the United States and certainly local counties. At a recent meeting of 25 local nonprofits, Covid has impacted everyone.

The decision to give nationally or locally is a personal one. It’s hard not to respond to a need you can physically see or touch. I respect that point of view.   As the administrator of Outer Banks Common Good, I receive weekly and monthly announcements and press releases on programs, causes and good work.  The Outer Banks is a place of community caring and good will. However, I personally believe we need to see beyond our county lines. Charitocracy makes that possible.

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