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Comment On: A Mother’s Rest


Alistair a...

Wonderful blog post from Andrea, the founder of A Mothers Rest.

I'm Fine

This year, millions of families are suffering in so many more ways than usual. Perpetual lockdowns, travel bans, gathering bans, no school, no church, no work, no income….if you’re fortunate enough to live in a state that is not locked down, count your blessings.

Depression, anxiety, mental health crises, child abuse, drug overdoses, suicide, bankruptcies, isolation….and most of all FEAR….have consumed millions of the parents & caregivers we serve. The grief is tangible.

At A Mother’s Rest, we have worked hard all year to keep our chins up and our doors open, seeking continued financial support to support these people who need us even more than before. And we ARE open.

Read the full post here.

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