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Comment On: First Concern Pregnancy Resource Center



I’m sorry you took such personal offense to my post Maggie – I’m just using this platform in the way I understand it’s meant to be used: to canvas votes towards causes we, as individuals, care about.

But you bring up a great point – I certainly struggle to reconcile lobbying on behalf of Planned Parenthood and then having even a single dollar of mine going to cause that undermines my values and the work of PP.  It seems to me that First Concern Pregnancy Resource deliberately misrepresents itself by using disingenuous language, and I’m uncomfortable with that.  I’d like to believe that previous Planned Parenthood voters would be too.

It is a real challenge with this platform and all I can say is that yes, we have the freedom to pull our donations or we can start a dialogue and seek to persuade other voters to see our point of view.

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