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Comment On: First Concern Pregnancy Resource Center



Anyone who is Pro Choice should recognize that many pregnancies are wanted, and taken to term, despite being unintended.  These days, it is so easy to stumble upon suspicious sources of information on the internet.  But since it has figured prominently in previous comments, I will quote a couple of sentences from the article “Why Crisis Pregnancy Centers are Legal but Unethical”:

“As nonprofit organizations, CPCs have the right to exist. Indeed, they could provide a valuable resource for some women, particularly those seeking material support for a pregnancy they plan to continue [33].”

If we look a little closer at this excerpt and refer to its reference [33], “What Women Seek from a Pregnancy Resource Center”, we read the authors’ conclusion:

“PRC [Pregnancy Resource Center] clients largely sought parenting, not pregnancy, resources. The underutilization of pregnancy-options counseling and high demand for parenting materials and services point to unmet needs among caregivers of young children, particularly for diapers. Our findings are limited in their generalizability to typical PRCs, which are conservative Christian and antiabortion. Nonetheless, our results suggest the need to rethink the allocation of resources toward funding or eliminating PRCs solely for the purpose of influencing women’s decisions about abortion.”

This study, referenced by a scholarly AMA journal article, found that most users aren’t contemplating or seeking abortions.  They are seeking assistance to follow through on their Choice.  They are receiving services that they find beneficial.  Isn’t that sufficient justification to make a donation to this similar organization nominated by Maggie?

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