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Feeding America
Feeding America


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    This is the official discussion thread for the cause Feeding America. Its EIN is 36-3673599 and it's a public charity based in Chicago, IL. Research more info about the cause on GuideStar and Charity Navigator.

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    Feeding America respond to the needs of individuals struggling with food insecurity in the U.S. with a mission to end the fight against hunger.

    Donate to Feeding America’s Coronavirus Response Fund

    No one should go hungry during the COVID-19 pandemic. With school closures, job disruptions, and health risks, millions of Americans will turn to food banks for much-needed support. They can’t do it alone and you can help.

    How We’re Responding to Coronavirus

    From Seattle to New Rochelle, from Baton Rouge to San Francisco, food banks across the country are doing what they do best – feeding people in need within their communities. The Feeding America network is the largest hunger-relief organization in the United States including in disasters and national emergencies.

    The most vulnerable people in our communities need us now more than ever. Here’s how we’re responding to the challenge:

    • Launched the COVID-19 Response Fund, a national food- and fund-raising effort to support people facing hunger and the food banks who help them
    • Working with government leaders to ensure the emergency response includes strong support and flexibility for federal nutrition programs including the School Lunch Program
    • Partnering with school districts and local government agencies to ensure that the 22 million children who rely on school meals have access to food outside of the classroom
    • Building an inventory of emergency food boxes to distribute to food banks across the country as the need for food assistance increases
    • Providing emergency grants to food banks to support local response efforts
    • Safely continuing our distribution of food and non-food and household items like cleaning supplies, diapers and personal care products

    In this time of uncertainty, Feeding America along with its network of local leaders works to ensure that this pandemic does not perpetuate inequity or deepen the burdens often borne disproportionately by communities of color and low-income people. We are agile and adaptive, supporting the growing needs of the communities we serve.

    Feeding America dedicates our resources, platforms, and political will to make the biggest impact on people with the greatest need. This moment is an opportunity to illuminate how we are all affected when some of us lack the protections of a safety net. By focusing on the needs of people most impacted, we can better ensure the health and safety of all communities.

    To learn more about the response in your community and how you can help, find your local food bank.

    (text courtesy feedingamerica.org)

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    Children are experiencing food insecurity because of Covid. Millions of families have to turn to Food Banks and their partner programs like food pantries. Feeding America is the national umbrella organization leading and supporting these efforts. It’s nice to donate food to your local pantry, but your dollar donation can do so much more.

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