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    This is the official discussion thread for the cause #hersmile. Its EIN is 47-0992161 and it's a public charity based in Martinez, CA. Research more info about the cause on GuideStar and Charity Navigator.

    #hersmile logo
    We want to motivate you to live in your personal power every day. The power to live a happy life despite your circumstances lies within every person.

    #hersmile was started by a family we met through soccer. Three years ago they tragically lost their 14 year old daughter to an accident. They have turned their grief into action by seeking to help other families who have experienced tragedy via emotional and financial support.

    The organization gets its name from Jenna’s ever present, light up a room smile.

    From their website

    When the Unexplainable Happens
    From the outside appearance you would say Jenna Betti had a natural beauty about her. She was vivacious and outgoing. Her laugh commanded the attention of a room and her smile propelled your spirit. In her 14 years she managed to amass an assembly of close friends. She loved to give her friends advice, compliment their beauty and talent she saw within them and share with them her splendor for life. To her family she was an amazing spark plug with the ability to keep the house fun and spirited. Jenna meant so many special things to so many different people.

    Then on Sunday, March 2, 2014 at 5:03 p.m. the unexplainable happened and the Betti family’s lives were forever altered. Jenna took a walk with a friend. They took the shortcut home, which was on the path of the train tracks. They sat down to talk and they carved into the railroad ties. Jenna had put her phone on the railroad ties when they were sitting there. A train quickly approached making very little sound. The two kids cleared the tracks but Jenna tragically died while trying to retrieve her forgotten cell phone from the tracks.

    “I’ll never tell you the journey has been easy,” her mother, Dena shares. “But we’ve learned that she is near even though we cannot see her, she is with us even though she feels so far away and she is in our hearts and soul forever.”


    Our mission is to bring hope, strength and inspiration to those who have experienced a tragedy by designing and presenting learning opportunities in a way that helps individuals develop and improve the power of their mindset and/or by extending monetary gifts.


    The #HERSMILE 501(c)(3) nonprofit is proud of their future plans to fund programs that promote empowerment and inspire people to thrive despite life’s greatest challenges and heartaches. Through writing, speaking engagements, community involvement and through expressions of love and giving during one’s darkest days, it is our vision to shed Jenna’s light and love beyond our family and community. In addition, #HERSMILE also provides much needed funds to assist families with paying for the high cost associated with laying their loved one to rest.

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