The Gift of Charitocracy

Gift of Charitocracy

What is Charitocracy?

Charitocracy is a charity club for everyone. Here, we support all kinds of causes from racial equality to children's education, clean environment to animal welfare. Since September 2016, we've lived up to our mission to crowd-fund one charity each month and have now donated to 50+ charities and counting. Our wonderful donors play a huge role in shaping the future of Charitocracy as they hand-pick and vote as a team for the charity we support each month!

The gift

The gift of Charitocracy is a gateway to becoming a Charitocracy donor. Your gift recipients will become members of Charitocracy for a full year and can nominate and vote for their favorite charity each month with the donation you've made on their behalf! Depending on the gift code you purchase, $1 or more will be donated to each month's winning charity on your recipient's behalf. We'll email you a gift code that you can send to the recipient or print and hand-deliver at the right moment!

What's a more thoughtful gift than a year of charitable giving that supports causes close to their hearts? Still on the fence? Learn more! We're a 501(c)(3) nonprofit run entirely by volunteers. Your gift is tax-deductible.

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Gift Amount
$.00/month to recipient's choice of pot(s)
$60 ($5/mo→💰)
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