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Gift of Charitocracy

A Meaningful Gift

Every month, Charitocracy members pool their donations for one charity they collectively select through voting. Your gift recipient will become a member of Charitocracy for a full year and can nominate and vote for a charity each month with the donation you've made on their behalf! Upon purchase, we'll email you a gift code that you can send to the recipient or print and hand-deliver at the right moment!

The gift of Charitocracy is the perfect gift for a social justice hero who is passionate about solving social problems or a curious soul interested in learning about the struggles of different groups of people in society and the different creative solutions charities use to approach these issues. Thanks to our members’ nominations of charities each month, we’re constantly learning about new groups of people in need and the charities that are devoted to improving their lives. Learning about the missions of these amazing charities and the work they do brings out the inner philanthropist in all of us! Don’t miss out on becoming part of this curious and caring community, and sharing it with your loved ones, too!

Gift Purchase

Can there be a more thoughtful gift for your lucky recipient than a year of our charity-of-the-month club? Even if it's a last minute idea! Purchase a gift code now and email it (or hand-deliver it) today or at your leisure!
Gift Redemption

If you received a Charitocracy gift code, here's where you can redeem it! Simply enter your code and create a donor profile, and you'll begin your year's worth of helping pick the monthly winners at Charitocracy!

A Charity Club For All

Since September 2016, we've lived up to our mission to crowd-fund for one charity a month and have now donated to 50+ charities and counting. At Charitocracy, we support all kinds of causes from social justice to children's education, clean environment to animal welfare. Our wonderful donors play a huge role in shaping the future of Charitocracy as they hand-pick and vote for the charity we support each month!

We're a 501(c)(3) nonprofit run entirely by volunteers. Your gift is tax-deductible!

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