How to Post Videos, etc.


  1. You can embed videos from Youtube, TikTok, Vimeo, Twitter, Flickr, Reddit, and others right into your post by simply copying the URL and pasting it into your post.
  2. No special tags are needed, it's really that simple. You just need to click the share button (often an arrow or a paper airplane icon) to reveal the URL, starting with http.
  3. For example, just enter a line like this into your post and watch the magic happen:
  4. See here for a full list of participating sites. Your mileage may vary.


  1. That list above contains several sites that host images, so if you can get your image(s) onto one of them, like Flickr, then it's as easy as posting a video.
  2. Charitocracy does not accept image uploads (other than your avatars), so images you use will have to be uploaded somewhere, anywhere publicly accessible, on the web.
  3. Right-clicking (or your browser equivalent) for copying an image link will often give you the URL you need to proceed.
  4. Then in the post editor, click the Insert/Edit Image tool button, supply the URL for the image from the previous step, supply a text description, and the pixel dimensions of the image as you'd like it to appear in the post.
  5. Be sure the image you use is either your original creative work or that its use would be considered Fair Use under copyright law.
  6. Beware of using images that are only visible to you while logged into the source web site, or only accessible for a limited time. Other users will only see broken image links in this situation.
  7. One or two videos are often much more compelling than a lot of images!

Website links

  1. If you just want to link to another site, nothing fancy, you can simply paste the URL into your post similar to how we handle videos. No tags needed.
  2. If you want to change the visible text of the link so it's not just the URL itself, or if you want to make the page load in another tab/window, then you'll need to use the Insert/Edit Link tool button in the post editor instead.
  3. Supply the URL, then click the Gear button to customize the link text and check the box to make it load the new page in a new browser tab (generally preferred).
  And remember, if you make a mistake, don't sweat it! You can edit and re-edit your nomination posts and comments indefinitely, and continually improve them if you want.