Our Team

Charitocracy is staffed exclusively by volunteers who donate their time so that none of your generous donation goes to salaries or any other form of compensation. Helping bring out your inner philanthropist is payment enough for us!

The Founders

We are Jessica Sands and Benj Lipchak, married couple and co-founders of Charitocracy Corporation.

Benj & Jessica

Jessica, a former drama and theatre educator at the middle school, high school, and university levels, is now a nonprofit maven. She was President of Heron Pond Montessori School's PSA, is currently President of First Flight Elementary School PTO, and is Treasurer of Theatre of Dare. Jessica is known for running a tight ship of fiscal responsibility, accountability, and compliance, yet is also an inspiring leader, great at motivating volunteers and expanding the impact of her organizations.

Benj, a software engineer and engineering manager, is learning about nonprofits as he goes along. His expertise is in computer graphics, where he's led teams working on graphics acceleration for products ranging from servers, workstations, desktops, and laptops to tablets, phones, TVs, and watches. Benj has represented his employers on international standards bodies, co-written books on the subject, and been awarded 3 patents.

Charitocracy was Benj's semester project for his social entrepreneurship course at Babson in 2011. It was merely a slide deck back then, but 4 years later, with Jessica's blessing and support, he got up the nerve to take a year off from his day-job to finally pursue his vision. They went live with Charitocracy in September 2016.

Jessica and Benj live on the Outer Banks of North Carolina with their two children, Felicity and Harry.

The Board

Jessica and Benj are joined by three board members, including new member Brandi McMahan in 2019!

Charitocracy Board Member David Haas

Brandi McMahan began her IT career upon graduation from Old Dominion in 1995, ironically with a degree in Psychology. What began as a temp office job led to 10+ years in computer applications instruction and several more as Director of Account Management for a Web Apps Development firm. She started a web design business, and later relocated to the Outer Banks with her husband and son. Brandi has since written and illustrated several children’s books. Her knowledge of graphic design, the web, and custom applications is a natural fit for lending a hand to Charitocracy's mission. When she’s not working on her next book, Brandi is building websites, writing creative marketing content and snapping photos.

Charitocracy Board Member David Haas

David Haas has over 25 years of innovation, sales, marketing, product development and business development expertise in the Digital Media, Event Technology, Social Media and Experiential Event marketplaces. David’s current focus is launching new technology products for FreemanXP and building personal development apps.

Charitocracy Board Member Mike Andrews

Mike Andrews started programming computers more than 30 years ago, and never stopped. Along the way, he created many legendary bugs, and a few tidy solutions to complex problems in filesystems, distributed computing, computer audio, and block storage. He was awarded two patents for network filesystem technologies. Mike brings a proven background in project management and a fierce sense of humor to the task of chipping away at the world's mountain of injustices with Charitocracy.