Overview of Monthly Cycle

This is #1 in a series of short Charitocracy Boot Camp Training Videos!
  • All month long: Vote and revote whenever you please. You have 1 precious vote. Be as fickle with it as you like!
  • 1st week (1st - 7th): New nominations, any 501c3 in IRS database is eligible, and once nominated, it's in forever!
  • 2nd week (8th - 14th): Open voting, all nominees eligible unless they've already won in the past year.
  • 11:59pm ET on 14th: Narrow down to Top 10 with the most votes (see tiebreakers in FAQ).
  • 3rd week (14th - 21st): Voting limited to Top 10, so only those 10 can receive votes this week.
  • 11:59pm ET on 21st: Narrow down to Top 3!
  • 4th week (21st - end of month): Voting limited to Top 3, so only those 3 can receive votes for the rest of the month.
  • 11:59pm ET on last day of month: Nominee with most votes wins!