Past Winners: Food

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Rise Against Hunger

According to World Vision, 8.9% of the world’s population is currently suffering from chronic hunger, which equates to 690 million people, and that number is slowly increasing each year. On top of that, 25,000 people, including more than 10,000 children, die from hunger each day. Hunger is killing more people than HIV, malaria, and tuberculosis combined, according to the United Nations. Although it takes billions of dollars and many many years to end world poverty - 175 billion dollars per year for 20 years based on experts' calculations, we can contribute what we can afford to help as many people as possible right now.

Each month, Charitocracy and our amazing donors hand select charities that are devoted to ending world hunger, promoting healthy diets, local food sourcing, and sustainable food production. This includes national and local food banks and food pantries. By the end of the month, through voting we select one charity out of all the nominated charities from all 12 categories to which we donate our monthly pooled donations. Chances are, the charities you nominate or vote for will win Charitocracy's monthly grant!

Take a look at the list below of food charities that have won our monthly pot in the past. Then check out the current food charity nominees (or all nominees) for this month's voting. Are we missing one you'd like to win? Join us and nominate your favorite food charity to add to our voting list!

    • Winning Cause
    • $ Won
    • Month
    • Foodshare logo
      Food bank maximizing access to nutritious food and resources that support food security for Greater Hartford, CT and beyond.
      MegaMom104 nominated & got 35+ votes.
    • $1235
    • Mar '21
    • Feeding America logo
      Feeding America
      National food bank responding to the needs of individuals struggling with food insecurity in the U.S. with a mission to end the fight against hunger.
      zardoz nominated & got 43+ votes.
    • $1425
    • Oct '20
    • Peace Garden Project logo
      Peace Garden Project
      They work against -isms and phobias in the world while feeding people. They don't just grow food, they grow healthy community.
      Griffinan nominated & got 44 votes.
    • $1534
    • Sep '20
    • OBX Room in the Inn logo
      OBX Room in the Inn
      They organize shelter for the homeless in the Outer Banks, also providing hospitality, food, and support services. nominated & got 49+ votes.
    • $1714
    • Aug '20
    • Food for Thought logo
      Food for Thought
      Food bank reducing hunger and academic risk facing elementary children in Dare County, NC by providing healthy meals to build strong minds.
      whitelin nominated & got 35+ votes.
    • $1447
    • Jul '20
    • No Kid Hungry logo
      No Kid Hungry
      They work to end childhood hunger, and won't be done until every single child in America has the food they need to grow up healthy and strong.
      the_fIves nominated & got 22+ votes.
    • $1048
    • Dec '19
    • World Central Kitchen logo
      World Central Kitchen
      Disaster response food bank that developed globally into a Chef Network creating smart solutions to hunger and poverty.
      Stephanie nominated & got 27+ votes.
    • $1397
    • Jul '19
    • Carroll's Kitchen logo
      Carroll's Kitchen
      They are more than just a meal: they're a nonprofit social enterprise restaurant creating healthy employment for women overcoming crisis.
      spencer nominated & got 33+ votes.
    • $1814
    • Feb '19
    • Total Distributed to Food Category
    • $11,614