Past Winners

Donors pool their monthly $1+ and vote on a charity to receive it all. See all our past winners, each nominated by a lovely donor. Also check out our past OBX winners.

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    • $ Won
    • Month
    • HIAS logo
      They stand for a world in which refugees find welcome, safety, and freedom. They protect, advocate for, and help resettle refugees in the U.S. and beyond.
      r.a.y. nominated & got 29+ votes.
    • $1219
    • May '21
    • Foodshare logo
      Food bank maximizing access to nutritious food and resources that support food security for Greater Hartford, CT and beyond.
      MegaMom104 nominated & got 35+ votes.
    • $1235
    • Mar '21
    • Clean Air Task Force logo
      Clean Air Task Force
      Environmental organization pushing change in technologies and policies to get to a zero-emissions, high-energy planet at an affordable cost.
      Bethany nominated & got 29+ votes.
    • $1359
    • Jan '21
    • Maddie Potts Foundation Logo
      Maddie Potts Foundation
      They honor Maddie, giving back via scholarships, sports facility upgrades & opportunities for individuals ​with disabilities.
      Wildtreemichelle nominated & got 28+ votes.
    • $1620
    • Dec '20
    • Feeding America logo
      Feeding America
      National food bank responding to the needs of individuals struggling with food insecurity in the U.S. with a mission to end the fight against hunger.
      zardoz nominated & got 43+ votes.
    • $1425
    • Oct '20
    • Peace Garden Project logo
      Peace Garden Project
      They work against -isms and phobias in the world while feeding people. They don't just grow food, they grow healthy community.
      Griffinan nominated & got 44 votes.
    • $1534
    • Sep '20
    • OBX Room in the Inn logo
      OBX Room in the Inn
      They organize shelter for the homeless in the Outer Banks, also providing hospitality, food, and support services. nominated & got 49+ votes.
    • $1714
    • Aug '20
    • Food for Thought logo
      Food for Thought
      Food bank reducing hunger and academic risk facing elementary children in Dare County, NC by providing healthy meals to build strong minds.
      whitelin nominated & got 35+ votes.
    • $1447
    • Jul '20
    • Color of Change logo
      Color Of Change
      They design campaigns powerful enough to end practices that unfairly hold Black people back, and champion solutions that move us all forward.
      carolinatim nominated & got 30+ votes.
    • $1434
    • Jun '20
    • Total Distributed since Inception
    • $89,763
Viewing 12 winners - 13 to 24 (of 69 total)